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Rava Idli Mix

Rava Idli Mix

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Rava Idli instant mix is made with Naturally grown ingredients. A number of ingredients like, rava, chana dal, mustard seeds together create a scrumpcious batter for soft and fluffy idlis. Curry leaves and cashew nut will give that master touch of authentic south Indian treat to your taste buds.


Sooji, vegetable oil, cashew, green chilli, coriander extract, curry leaves & sodium bi-carbonate, mustard, urad dal, chana dal

How to Make?

Take 1 measure of Rava Idli Mix and add 1 measure water and mix well. After two minutes add 1/2 measure thick curd and mix into smooth batter. Smear idli moulds with vegetable oil. Pour batter to 3/4th of each mould. Steam in a cooker without weight for 12-20 minutes on medium flame until done. Let it cool a bit before removing idlis from the moulds.

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