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Dosa Mix

Dosa Mix

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Relish your favourite South Indian breakfast with this Ready to Cook Rice Dosa Mix by Farmveda. This anytime Dosa Mix Powder is made from organically grown rice, urad daal and chana daal that ensure the crispiest rice dosas on your breakfast table.


Farmveda Dosa Mix contains Rice, urad dal, chana dal, toor dal, refined wheat flour, sooji, fenugreek (methi), vegetable oil, sugar & salt, sodium bi carbonate

How to Make?

Take 1 measure of Farmveda Dosa Mix and gently stir 1 measure water eliminating lumps. Then mix in 1/2 measure curd uniformly and set aside for 20 minutes. Heat a non-stick pan on medium flame. Then smear oil on the surface of the pan. Pour 1 ladle of batter in the centre and spread outward to make thin dosas. Drizzle a teaspoon of oil at the edges of the dosa. Fry until golden brown. Remove the dose with a spatula. Drizzle cool water on the pan before spreading the next dosa. Serve hot with Farmveda chutney powder and ghee.

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