The Wealth of Health in a Packet: Farmveda’s Natural, Non-GMO, Preservative-Free Products

The Wealth of Health in a Packet: Farmveda’s Natural, Non-GMO, Preservative-Free Products

If we did not see it before, we do now, after witnessing the pandemic during the initial waves, that health truly is the first and last line of defense between us and the threat posed by these increasing zoonotic invasions human beings have become vulnerable to this day. The reasons could be many, but the solution lies in keeping ourselves fit and immune to as many infections as possible. The key to that lies in what we eat. 

Our bodies and minds result from what we ingest apart from the environment in which we co-exist with many other forms of life. But consuming anything & everything indiscriminately and then relying on multiple, chemically made pills to fulfill our dietary requirements does not seem to be the way of the evolved form of life that we human beings were supposed to be. 

Isn’t it brilliant when there exists, in abundance, the promise of health in the form of food made from natural, non-GMO based plants. Farmveda products are processed, and packed without any chemical additives and preservatives. It helps us prepare wholesome and nourishing meals for our families in minutes.

Farmveda is offering just such a line of natural, non-GMO based, preservative-free food products to make our lives healthier and easier. Food with integrity that nourishes the body, these products also strike the right chords with the taste buds with their delicious notes and wide variety- be it the aromatic podis, the sweet and innovative peanut chikkis, the sumptuous & out-of-the-box peanut chocolates, the fluffy and varied idli mavu, or the crispy and wholesome dosas. Health in a packet is the defining sentence for Farmveda’s range of products like peanut chikkis and natural and unsweetened peanut butter spread. 

Not only are Farmveda’s products delicious, but they also do not add to the chemical burden that our body keeps accumulating otherwise by ingesting food grown with generous doses of chemical pesticides and fertilizers that harm the soil, the water bodies and our health and are posing a critical challenge to the biodiversity in our agricultural soils, strongly contending to be one of the primary causes of soil extinction. Yes, you read it right, soil extinction- agencies and scientists around the world are ringing the alarm bells about how we have agricultural soil left only for the next 45 to 50 years and the widespread use of synthetic chemicals and harmful agricultural practices are one of the primary culprits for the same. 

By choosing the products made from the lovingly nurtured produce of the farmers of Farmveda and many more organic and natural farmers across the world, we can contribute towards reversing this terrible destiny that we are heading towards. This generation’s most important contribution could be to reverse this impending destiny of soil extinction. 

The gains are high too. By preferring to ingest natural, non-GMO, organically grown products, we can also improve our health and make our immune systems work better by supporting the growth of good microorganisms in our gut and the rest of our bodies that are our primary shield against all virulent external invasions from deadly zoonotic disease carriers. 

By opting for food made from the versatile and natural products of Farmveda, one also contributes towards empowering our ‘Annadata’ and enabling them to lead lives of dignity. We help solve the problem of mass urban migration by shifting investments to the villages and allowing the people not to be forced to leave their native homes to earn bread in the exploitative and unhealthy surroundings of cities. We enable many rural women to become decision-makers in their families and help the youth of our country find self-employment opportunities by becoming farmer-preneurs of Farmveda. We also help improve the rural nutritional levels by enabling the rural folk to become self-sufficient in nourishing themselves. 

The dosasidlis, the lemon rasam and great podis make for wholesome family meals that can be prepared in surprisingly short times. The chikkis make for great healthy snacks, and the peanut butter spread makes for a venerable kitchen buddy for multiple memorable recipes. 

Using Farmveda’s products, we ensure that the food we purchase and eat does not create misery for the farmers and the planet and blesses us with the health and immunity that we seek for our families and children. By bringing home the products from Farmveda and similar organizations and nourishing ourselves with them, we bring home the promise of good health and well-being.

Farmveda is committed towards the cause of bringing prosperity to farmers and providing best quality natural products to Indian consumers. Farmveda is owned by the small and marginal farmers of India. All the profit from Farmveda goes back to the farmers providing them sustainable livelihood, prosperity and a bright future to look forward to. To know more about how farmveda and CCD are transforming lives through cooperative revolution, visit us at 

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