Natural & Authentic in Taste - Farmevda Peanut Butter

Natural & Authentic in Taste - Farmevda Peanut Butter

Vegan & eating out is not the easiest task to pull-off even if you are in India’s Vegan capital, Bangalore. This becomes even more painfully true if you have Vegan guests to host for a Football night. 45 mins to go & your guests are going to land at your place & you need to make something tasty & innovative for the guests who have very refined taste buds- pressure as you would know only if you have been through seeing your team defend a meagre lead of 1-0 in 6 min of extra time in a football match.

The Fridge only has mushrooms and tofu that can be made quickly. The kitchen garden has lemon grass. It’s time to make a Thai starter in 40 mins. I grind onions, ginger, garlic, lemon grass, chillies, salt, turmeric, & you heard it- Farmveda’s natural, unsweetened peanut butter, Farmveda’s cold pressed groundnut oil along with some water, bring this paste to a spreadable consistency while the pan is heating at a high flame.

Time to chop up the mushrooms and tofu for the satay along with spring onion stems. Then I dip all of these in the paste except the spring onion and then grill it all off on the pan after putting on improvised toothpick skewers. 20 min left on the clock.

I grill and brush these with the paste continually while pouring the aromatic groundnut oil. And by the grace of the gods, I have it ready just in time for the Vegan paltan to enjoy during the match along with chai, coffee and whatever else to drink.

What a day in the kitchen that was. It all tasted great, and surprisingly fresh. High-fives all around. The player of the match had to be Farmveda’s natural peanut butter and my lemon grass.

Here’s another idea I pulled off on that eventful day- the Vegetable peanut curry with fragrant coconut rice. The rice itself was made by cooking boiled rice with some coconut milk and fried cashew nuts. The curry, lady you should know, came out so quickly that it seemed like the half time was enough to do it. Caramelising onions, ginger, garlic, lemon grass, tamarind paste, Farmveda’s peanut butter spread in Farmveda’s cold pressed groundnut oil along with green chillies, broccoli, spring onions, zucchini, carrots, turmeric powder, salt, chilli powder, black pepper, cinnamon powder and making into a curry with coconut milk and water. Can you imagine a more complex tasting curry that can be ready in such a short time? Perhaps you could with Farmveda’s unsweetened peanut butter if you are making peanut-based curries. 

You could try making some Indian peanut-based curries too with their groundnut chutney podi (this packs a punch) and unsweetened natural peanut butter in a similar fashion. If you do, tell me all about it in the review section of Farmveda’s products or You could try to make it along with rice, fulkas, bhakris or even thalipeets.  

What about the sweets you would ask? Well, those Farmveda Peanut Chocolate bars crushed and mixed with a great butterscotch ice cream did make witnessing our team win sweeter still. Having just the bar though would also have been enough because it tastes so good and different from any other nut-based chocolate bars & this sweet is great for you ladies- packed with the goodness of the peanuts that are now well-known as a superfood. Their peanut chikki made with pure and rich jaggery also make for a great, guilt-less, crunchy dessert. And if you are in a mood to try out something out of the box with chikki, try their chocolate peanut chikki and know what can be when chocolate meets traditional Indian desserts.

Farmveda products made the whole process, quicker & yet everything tasted like it had come out after long hours of thoughtful, soulful & slow cooking- all tasted fresh and delicious.

Have you ever had such a cooking showdown with the clock? If you ever do in the future, I will strongly recommend you try out Farmveda’s range of products to win big!

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Farmveda Peanut Butter was recently featured among the best peanut butters in India by Grabon.

Farmveda is committed towards the cause of bringing prosperity to farmers and providing best quality natural products to Indian consumers. Farmveda is owned by the small and marginal farmers of India. All the profit from Farmveda goes back to the farmers providing them sustainable livelihood, prosperity and a bright future to look forward to. To know more about how farmveda and CCD are transforming lives through cooperative revolution, visit us at 

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