Farmveda Peanut Chikki - A Snack for All Reasons

Farmveda Peanut Chikki - A Snack for All Reasons

Crunchy, sweet, decadent and relaxing, this Indian energy bar is the steadfast companion of many Indians in their long and hectic days. Be it long road trips, train travels, or flights with horrible menus, this little delight sweetens our journeys. It often becomes an icebreaker among fellow co-passengers as they start 'gup-shup' that often becomes great anecdotes to relate to our loved ones many years later.

Farmveda's peanut chikkis are made with natural jaggery and naturally grown, non-GMO (Non- Genetically Modified Organism) peanuts can make even a boring lecture sweet and exciting. Also called the Palli Patti, it is packed with the goodness of the yogic superfood- peanuts and tastes so good that you would quickly go nuts over it! Trust us, binging can become guilt-less if you binge on these little treats.

You could even incorporate these into your other desserts and enhance their flavours. Grinding the classic peanut chikki and sprinkling it over ice creams and faloodas gives them an extra textural dimension and nutty flavours. 

Chikkis make for great gifts too. These are great for hosting guests. Crunchy, sweet and in just the right size, these can complement many chitchat sessions that ensue at any time of the day and any season of the year. Farmveda peanut chikkis are a real saviour while hosting unexpected guests. One of the quirky recipes I have made with these is serving cold drinks topped with roughly broken Farmveda peanut chikki. These go well with spicy starters and even deep-fried ones like pakoras etc.

Farmveda also has an innovative preservative-free chocolate peanut chikki made with delicious chocolate, real and rich jaggery, dried coconuts, and naturally grown, non-GMO peanuts. These chikkis make an excellent snack to keep in the bag for a hectic day ahead. These are good for munching on their own and for making some quick treats.

Have you tried the chocolate chikki pancakes? These simply require making a good, fluffy pancake followed by sprinkling ground Farmveda chocolate chikki and leaving aside in a hot pan with a dollop of butter. These are best complimented by topping with fresh fruits or dry fruits.

 One could also try the Shahi Tukda made by sprinkling ground or roughly broken Farmveda classic peanut chikki or Farmveda chocolate peanut chikki. The timing of sprinkling is essential to get the best innovation on the Tukda- sprinkle when it's really hot but not while it's in the pan; otherwise, it will be an uphill task to clean the pan.

 The chocolate peanut chikki also goes well as a topping on cold drinks and ice cream sundaes. These make great gifts for kids and adults alike on all occasions.

These make for very healthy treats to binge on and can provide energy to work for long hours very quickly. Eating these while suffering those slight hunger pangs can help reduce the problem of acidity, prevent over-eating later and can become a great dose of energy. What's best is that they are tasty, which cannot be said for many a healthy snack out there.

These little treats can enable long study hours. Powder and mix Farmveda's peanut chikkis in milkshakes or warm milk to make it taste soothing to the palette and soul.

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