Benefits of millet and how to integrate it in our daily diet

Benefits of millet and how to integrate it in our daily diet

Millets are some of the healthiest super-foods for humanity. What’s more is that they also are very good to support the local biodiversity in the areas in which they grow. And recently, these have started getting a face-lift in terms of merging with modern cuisines to make them healthier and more diverse. It is even being highlighted by many health gurus that adding these millets to our daily diets brings greater variety of grains into our bodies, more healthy fibre, and better variety of nutrients to meet our daily requirements. Consuming these grains also brings better income to our small and marginal farmers who are the primary growers of these grains in India and can go a long way in improving their income.

All these positives aside, when it comes to millet, what comes to question is the taste. We often hear millets are great, but what about the taste? They are rough on the palette with a somewhat metallic taste. Moreover, many of you might say that you do not know how to cook a variety of dishes with these. Well, this blog is for you to inform you about the many varied ways to make consumption of these interesting and surprise your taste buds.

  1. Multi-millet waffles made with Farmveda multi-millet dosa mix which gets ready to use in 15 min served with a killer combination of pieces of Peanut and a generous helping of molten ghee, is a sure way to impress your friends and loved ones in a classy little get together.
  2. Multi-millet savoury cake made by adding loads of herbs in the Farmveda multi-millet dosa batter and layered with a punchy guacamole in middle and a hot Pico de Gallo sauce to top it off. This modern Mexican rendition of the sweet classic is sure to blow the socks off any foodies’ matchday party.
  3. Multi-millet crepes if you have it in you to make it as thin as can be served with natural and unsweetened peanut butter. Be generous with the Ghee ladies, there’s nothing that doesn’t taste better with more Ghee on it.
  4. Ragi is the go-to millet when it comes to Idli. Use the ragi idli mix from Farmveda to make fluffy and spicy masala idlies that you could serve with a soothing coconut chutney and refreshing buttermilk.
  5. A modern usage of the Farmveda ragi idli mix will be to make ripe mango stuffed ragi appam which you could serve with silky coconut custard topped with refreshing fresh mint leaves. Do not hold back the natural jaggary powder while dressing.
  6. If you are a lover of caramel sauce, then you would be surprised and delighted to know that ragi crepes made from the Farmveda ragi idli mix and a light caramel sauce are a match made in heaven.
  7. Ragi idli and our traditional sambar is something that is a winner for all season and all reasons. But have you tried, Ragi idli and Matar Ghugni ? Well, this a great for those who are looking for an interesting combination.
  8. You can make delicious stuffed ragi idli with stuffing like boiled peas, coconut jaggery, flaxseeds paste and boiled urad dal chilli paste. These are recipes from the eastern part of India and adds a lovely freshness to our perception of what Idli is supposed to be.
  9. Multi-millet appams made from Farmveda’s Multi Millet dosa mix are just the dish to complement a rich and spicy Chettinadu chicken curry and can be made on all special occasions to show-off your spice goddess status to all your guests.
  10. Make a variety of healthy stuffed pithas which are lovely dessert renditions of a Masala Dosa using Multi-millet Dosa Mix and a variety of sweet stuffing like dates, coconut jaggery, sweet potatoes etc.

Try these and many more such interesting millet-y recipes and let us know what you felt about it by writing to us at and discover more products from Farmveda on

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