10 Different Ways Podi Powders can Enhance Your Meal

10 Different Ways Podi Powders can Enhance Your Meal

Podi powder is one of the most versatile spice blends in Indian cuisine. ‘Podi’ stands for a magnificent blend of spices eaten in the form of a powder. If South Indian cuisine piques your interest, chances are you are familiar with this unique blend of spices. An indispensable part of South Indian cuisine, this coarse spice mixture has many variations across the region.

At its most basic form, different types of dals, coriander, mint, coconut, curry leaves, and dry herbs are all blended to produce a semi-coarse dry powder. Ellu podi, Milagai podi, curry leaves podi, chutney podi, plain chutney podi are many variations of this versatile spice mix.

Podi powder makes for a great accompaniment to any meal. This magical mix of spices adds a whole new dimension to otherwise simple daily food. Here are some ways you can add a twist of flavours to your meals with Farmveda’s range of Podi Powders:

1) Prepare a paste with Farmveda Andhra gunpowder podi or groundnut podi and ghee. This is the perfect side/chutney substitute for idlis, dosas, and even as a French fries dip! Pair it with Farmveda’s instant dosa and Idli mixes and the podi chutneys for a complete breakfast.

2) Sprinkle it over piping hot Dosa and get lost in the intoxicating flavor it adds to the crispy and crunchy crust. To shred off the Monday blues, feel free to be a little generous with the quantity.

3) Ever heard of Masala Idli? Masala dosa is a famous cuisine in India, but masala idli is just as tasty. Use Farmveda Instant Rava idli mix to prepare soft, fluffy idlis. Add a drizzle of Farmveda cold-pressed groundnut oil over idlis and sprinkle some groundnut chutney podi. What a healthy way to start the day!

4) If you're a fan of flavoured rice preparations, such as Podi Sadam or masala rice, add Farmveda’s Andhra gunpowder podi to your 'tadka' preparation while cooking rice.

5) Want to add a spicy kick to the regular sandwich? Podi powder is an excellent addition to any masala -- apply ghee or butter mixed with podi on both the slices of bread or mix it with the stuffing.

6) Kebab aficionados may prepare a fantastic dip for their kebabs by mixing salted mayonnaise with Farmveda range of podi powders. If you’re feeling adventurous, try mixing and matching different podis with different types of mayonnaise until you find your perfect match!

7) When you think about Indian summers, raw mango should feature in your thoughts! Known as 'kacchi kairi', pieces of raw mangoes are commonly sprinkled with salt and chilli powder. Podi, on the other hand, has a unique and refreshing flavour when added to mangoes. Your taste buds will be delighted when you sprinkle Farmveda gunpowder podi or chutney podi on raw mangoes or even guavas.

8) Addition of Podi powder to any rice preparation – curd rice, puliyogare, tomato rice or Bisi bele bhaat enhances the taste of these food items and makes them yummier.

9) Add a 'podi' twist to the beloved aloo paratha by mixing it with the paratha stuffing! You may also do the same to spice up egg rolls, kachoris and samosas.

10) Not just food, podi can transform your drinks too, especially summer drinks. Add Podi to your buttermilk, curd, Aam Panna and enjoy new flavours.

The heart of Indian cuisine lies in the numerous flavours of various regional cuisines. Combining flavours from different parts of the country could result in mouthwatering fusions of flavours. And thus, incorporating this podi powder in your daily preparations can give you finger-licking results!

If you have some more great innovative ideas of how to use Podi powders to heighten the taste of simple meals, do share with us at online@farmveda.in and stand a chance to win exciting gift hampers from farmveda.

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